Learning to drive and getting your license is one of the most significant events in your life.  Don’t leave it to ‘just’ anyone to support you through this exciting chapter. 

Choose a professional that is going to ensure a successful experience!


We guarantee 1st time pass when you learn with us! **



 Driving lessons with LNR 120 


LNR 120 driving school specialises in manual driving lessons. Our driving lessons are aimed to provide high quality instruction and supervision so that the learner can understand and apply with ease.  Our precise and detailed instructions allow our learners to pick up the skill of driving manual quickly and easily, no matter their history or experience. We care about our learner’s development and their experience with us so we always make sure that each driving lesson is provided with high quality content, a great deal of continuous practice and technical knowledge.  We do this for the reason that we want our learners to walk away not only as safe drivers but skilful

and smart.





Tailored driving lessons


Our driving instructors are sensitive to the individuals experience and needs. What may work for one learner may not work for another.  That is why our driving lessons will always be tailored to suit individual needs, wants and experience. This is to ensure fast and easy learning without  having to waist additional time and money on additional and uneccesary driving lessons.






Local driving lessons


We take driving lessons in local areas such as Bayside, South, East and City and on special occasions may extend the area of service.  Our driving instructors have extended knowledge of local roads which gives them an advantage when planning each driving lesson. This allows them to choose roads and conditions that suit the learner’s individual needs.



Keys 2 Drive is a free driving lesson with an accredited driving instructor. It is funded by the government for those who hold a learners permit and are under the age of 21. Register NOW by clicking on 'get a free lesson! and contact us to arrange a date and time with your driving Instructor!

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