Vikki Nousias is an experienced and knowledgeable driver instructor.  She has expertise in manual instruction/supervision and is passionate about training and coaching.  Vikki has enjoyed instructing learners for 12 years and through this experience she has developed skills in coaching, training and leading her learners to become smarter and safer drivers.  She has a deep understanding of both learning and teaching principles which ensures that she can provide an environment that is supportive and conducive to success.  

 Vikki’s aim is to enhance the quality of lessons by providing tailored training for faster and greater success. 


Learning a new skill can be an exciting but also a tense experience.  I believe that with the right support, safe environment and a positive attitude, we can achieving greater results. It brings me great joy to know that I have contributed towards my learner’s development and that I have been a part of this very new and exciting journey!


Vikki is dedicated in providing support to both learners and their supervisors on all aspects of their learning journey.