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Worried about how many lessons you need? Our packages can help with that.


We have put together packages that will take away the guess work, know what is involved in advance and assist in getting you through different stages of learning to drive. They are designed to give maximum value in each lesson without spending additional time and money.  You can choose one that fits your specific needs!


In the best interest of the learner, instructors are obligated to give feedback and advice on the learner’s competences and most suitable option for lessons required.


SUPERVISORS!  Let us help with the initial stages of having your learner drive your vehicle.  We can take away the stress, uncertainty and frustration that can be involved when supervising a learner for the first time.

Tailored Programs

If none of the programs below suit your needs please contact us to tailor a program that best fits in with your individual needs. 

Pay as you go 

You can take the option of single lessons.

1 hour $65  -    45 min $58

Beginner Programs

Advanced Programs


5 x 1 hour Lessons $295

This is ideal for first timers or anyone that has made an attempt to learn and experienced difficulties.  It is the first and shortest stage of learning.  You will learn how to control the vehicle in quiet roads with no traffic.  Main components are starting, stopping, steering and operation of clutch and gears (if applicable).

Ready for solo driving*

 5 x 1 hour lessons $295

If you have completed or close to completing 120 hours of supervised driving, this program will fine tune your driving skills for solo driving that is safe and smart.  It will also guide you through testing requirements and what you need in order to be successful at first attempt of your driving test. Main components are assessment for readiness to solo driving, hazard perception, parking, 3 point turns, revisiting road rule, test simulation and requirements.

10 x 1 hour Lessons $560





This program will take you to an intermediate level of basic driving where you will be driving in quiet streets with little traffic.  You will be introduced to parking and learn how to reverse the vehicle. Getting to the beginner intermediate level is ideal for before practicing with your supervisor driver. Main components are applying new car control skills while looking out for other road users in addition to basic level driving.



20 x 1 hour Lessons $1040 





This program is designed to incorporate your previous learnt skills from the earlier programs in more diverse and complex situations.  It is a longer stage where you learn to deal with more traffic and learn to deal with potential risks that are associated with driving.  Main component are practices from basic and intermediate programs, hazard perception and how to plan and deal with potential risk.



Testing - finish at home  $240 

Testing - finish at Vic Roads $210


Don’t leave this very important day to just anyone.  We understand how important your driving test is to you and the challenges that come with it.   Testing with us means we are with you all the way, from start to finish.  We start an hour prior to the test and are with you throughout the whole experience. We are experts at helping our learners deal with the challenges that are faced before and during the driving test. So leave it up to us and we will get you through it. 


International & Mature Age Program*

40 hours $2,000 (recommended for those who are only reliant on our driver trainer as their source of supervision)


20 hours $1,040 (recommended for those who can access additional driving practice outside of professional driving lessons)

This is for those who are over the age of 21, are new to driving and would like to get their driver’s license.  This program will take you through all the stages of learning to drive from the initial stage of learning to control the vehicle up to the stage where you are rehearsing for solo driving.  It is recommended for those who have no or minimal supervision and are dependent on only the driving instructor for their driving experience.

*Please Note:  This is a standard estimate of lessons required for the average person.  On rare occasions there are exceptions where some require fewer or additional lessons than what is prescribed in the programs above. 


All lessons must be taken a year from day of purchase.


There must be 24 hour notice provided for a cancellation otherwise a full lesson fee will be charged.


**First time guarantee terms and conditions. Learner must have completed at least 5 lessons with one of our instructors. Instructor and learner must come to an agreement on learners solo driving readiness and ability to perform well in the test.  

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All lessons are conducted in new serviced vehicles.  Our instructors are qualified professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge to get you through each stage of learning to drive and pass your driving test.