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$70 - 1 Hour Lesson


This is ideal for first time drivers or anyone that has made an attempt to learn however experienced difficulties. You will learn basic principles of driving a manual vehicle and develop skills in maintaining full car control.


If you are looking for something that will take you beyond the basics of driving, this is the program for you. You will learn to control the vehicle on roads with minimal to medium traffic and develop your hazard perception skills. 


This is for individuals who have none to minimal experience. It is ideal for those who may not be able to get a hold of regular supervision and are depended on a professional driver trainer to develop their driving skills and experience on the road. 

Ready for solo

If you are looking at sitting your drive test and want to fine tune your driving skills and expand on your road rules than this is the best option for you. This program will set you up to pass your drive test including being a safe and smart driver beyond your drive test


If you are ready to get your licence then you will need a driving instructor to support you through the drive test process and help you pass on your first attempt.*  


This program is for first time drivers who want to get some driving experience before driving their own vehicle. It is also for those who may have attempted to drive but found it difficult to grasp the concept of driving a manual vehicle. You will be guided through the beginning stages of driving with detailed instructions so you finish the program feeling confident and skilled to take on more challenging and complex road situations. The program covers principles of manual transmission and car control in very quiet roads with minimal traffic.

$325 - Includes: 5 x 1 Hour Lessons



This program is for individuals who want to go beyond the initial learning stages of driving and want to attain beginner level experience in navigating themselves through traffic, detecting hazards and anticipating the actions of other road users. The program will give you an opportunity to develop your car control skill to the level of automation so that you can focus on the most import aspect of driving, such as following road rules, recognising potential hazards and safe decision  making.

$630 - Includes 10 x 1 Hour Lessons


This program will take you through all stages of driving from beginner to ready for solo driving. If you have difficulties finding a supervising driver to supervise your driving lessons than a professional driver trainer will be the best option. This program is for students who have none to very little driving experience with the aim of getting a drivers license in the near future.

3 payments of $600 (monthly payment) - Includes 30 x 1 Hour Lessons



If you have extensive driving experience or hold an overseas licence, this program will fine tune your driving skills for independent driving that is safe.  You will be guided through the testing criteria and be provided with useful strategies to ensure a successful drive test. You will be assessed on readiness for solo driving, hazard perception, ability to reverse parallel park, complete a three point turn, revisiting road rule and conduct a test simulation.

$325 - Includes 5 x 1 Hour Lessons



Don’t leave this very important day to just anyone.  We understand how important your drive test is to you and the challenges that come with it.   Testing with us means we are with you all the way, from start to finish.  We start an hour prior to the test and are with you throughout the whole experience. We are experts at helping our learners deal with the challenges that are faced before and during the driving test. So leave it up to us and we will get you through it. 

$250 - Includes 1 Hour Lesson, Drive Test, Finish at Home


* First time pass guarantee is based on instructors assessment of learners ability to successfully pass their drive test.