5 Driving Test Criteria's that will get you passing your test

Okay...So you are ready to sit your driving test…. and if you haven't had any lessons with a driving instructor it would be wise to invest in some lessons, that is....if you want to pass the first time. In the meantime here are some requirements for a successful driving test. There are many aspects but I will start with five....remember, these aspects are important as they show the tester that you have the right skills and attitude about driving. So let’s begin.

1. Observation....don't underestimate the power of using your mirrors and doing head checks. This is what I say to all my learners....... the more observant you are, the more informed you are, and the more informed you are the better decisions you will make during those unexpected situations. Being smart about how you drive saves you a lot of heart ache and stress in the long run.

2. Speed choice... Watch your speed!!...This is so important, and a lot of people get caught out. Remember the speed signs on the roads indicate the limit, NOT how fast you can go. So practice and learn to keep the needle on the speedometer slightly under.....this is a smarter approach when driving, the last thing you want is to get distracted from changing lanes and the and not realising that the speed has gone well over until it is too late. Remember the harder your foot is on the accelerator the more petrol you burn and the more you wear out your breaks. SO be mindful of speed signs and the speedo.

3. Gap Selection... By now you should be pretty competent at this skill, but it’s amazing how many learners I get coming to me after completing 120 hours and show a lack of safe gap selection. So what is gap selection? Well, it’s the space you leave between your vehicle and another vehicle on the road when lane changing or making a left and right turn. Remember if you are entering a road where there is oncoming traffic, the other driver should not have to slow down or take evasive action because you have now entered their path. Give yourself time and space to make the turn without causing other drivers to slow down their driving.

4. Reverse Parallel parking and 3 point turn..... Master these skills and be confident not only for the test but in real life situations. If you are unsure how to reverse Parallel Park and need assistance, a driving instructor will be useful for this; they will show you a way of getting your car in on the first go, with minimal corrections.

5. Car Control.... No one likes to be a passenger in a vehicle where they feel the driver lacks control. Not only is it annoying, but also freighting. Showing that the vehicle can be driven smoothly and correctly is a must. Testing in a manual vehicle requires to show that correct gear selection is made for each situation and a smooth transition between gears. ALSO stalling is classified as a critical error, so make sure that you know how to control the clutch well and keep free from stalling.

And remember all these need to be adopted as lifelong driving skills that will take you well beyond your driving test, making you a safer and smarted driver!!

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